One Man, Many Stories

My first semester at Georgia Tech through the english language.

Welcome To My Journey

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Hello there, I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog. Yes, indeed that is me in those pictures. My name is David Jose Fernandez and I am a first year Aerospace Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, or as I’ll be calling it for at least the next four years, home. Although I am currently living in the United States, I was born and raised in a the Dominican Republic, a small country in the Island of Hispañola. As you can probably tell by my pictures, I am a pretty active person and love to go outside and experience the world through all sorts of crazy adventures. From diving deep into our oceans to climbing mountains who’s peaks are well over five thousand meters above sea level.

In this blog you will find all sorts of my writing. Ranging from my reflections on certain readings, to short videos that I make talking about my thoughts on certain topics. Along with that, I will also be posting other major projects that I will be working on during my first semester here at Georgia Tech regarding science in the media. Even though I wont be posting major projects often, you should still visit my page constantly, as I will be continuously updating my “Works-in-Progress” tab with the latest drafts of my work.

Once again, I am glad that you found my page, and I am looking forward to sharing this crazy ride with you on my way to becoming “a hellava’ engineer”. GO JACKETS!!!


Watch the video to the left of this text to get to know a little bit more about me, and about the challenges that I am expecting to face during this first semester at Tech, specifically regarding certain modes of communication.